Spider short:

Done in MAGA animation for Gran Turismo Veloce: "la paura" 

Matching, render, compositing, shading: Damiano De Cataldo

Digital double, matching, dynamic animations, render: Elena Borla

Spider model, texture, animation: Antonio Deiana

Spider rig: Serena Tripepi


Italo commercial: 

Done in MAGA animation

Scenery and boxes models by me


Gormiti videogame

Done in MAGA for Appfactory and Giochi Preziosi

Nutz: rig, modeling and texturing: Damiano De Cataldo

animation: Ambra Malanca

the others 4 models shown: model and textur: Damiano De Cataldo

rig: Claudia Fugazzotto, Elena Borla


The Caravan:

all done by me for school


the Particle

all done by me for school


the Car

Styling: Goranz Ozbolt


Modeling: Damiano De Cataldo with Alias Automotive studio

This is my IED (automotive design) thesis


Hoverbike, Violin:

model and UVs by me



model for a shortfilm done by

Alessio Bertotti, Giulia Cadeddu, Damiano De Cataldo, Claudia Fugazzotto and Alessandro Granella

Belt, belt's twisted fabric, knives, armors whit belts and buckles, sabres and hidden knife modeled by me

© 2015 by Damiano De Cataldo. All images and designs are copyrighted by their respective owners. Permission is needed for any use.

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