Hoonicorn RTR

This is a model of Ford Mustang Hoonicorn by Ken Block

Published on 3D Artist Italia magazine.

Choosen for "Weekly artist highlight" by Marmoset Co.

(Slow loading due to hig-res textures and model)

Spaceship Patrol

It has been studied following the same concept of ww2 americans' cargos: easy and fast mass production: A fiber bodywork mounted on the mechanics' piece. As this patroller is usually under attack it needs to be replaced quickly in order to keep Earth safe from outer invasions.

It comes in different liveries.

In this project I did a bit of 2D research and here there is the 3D model, done in Maya and rendered in Marmoset 


Spaceship patroller Marmoset viewer setup

Spaceship Patrol

This is the 2D drawing concept art 

Bunker - Rod 

This is a mix between an hot rod and a german bunker: heavy WWII vehicle armored and ready to fire.


Flying prototype of an already existing project. I did a custom version that will recall lines of a custom bike, with the tecnology of flyng hoverbike

Aston Martin
3rd Mind

This is the car design school (IED) thesis project.

I did mainly the NURBS modeling for this.

Design has been done by Goran Ozbolt

2D Drawings

Some works as designer.

All the tramways here have been done for research at Alstom design center in Paris


3D Modeling


This is the GoPro model for the Hoonicorn RTR project

10 seconds
game jam

Those assets has been done for a game jam.

The game consist into positioning object over a group 0f people, in order not to kill them while falling. In 10 seconds.

Art test

The robot is the art test done for Gameloft.

R.P.A. 12

This is a model of Rotterdam Port Authorities (RPA 12) boat. I like this boat and i'm trying to finish it in my spare time. The "only" thing missing is the rear crane with the wather cannons.


This model was done for a short. Due to lack of time we didn't finished (we started to work early than expected). The parts highlighted with the wireframe were modeled by me; all other, by my colleagues. The shaded images below are NOT render. It is only a test I did with Octane render trial. to test it.


This 3D model has been realized for the short movie "La vera storia di Birgale, Rosa e mago Nocciolo". Done with Autodesk Maya.

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